Britney Elizabeth pèse aujourd’hui 45 kilos mais ça n’a pas toujours été le cas. Il y a 30 mois, elle en faisait plus du double.
Et d’après elle, vous pourriez bien manger sainement, faire du sport 4, 5, 6 FOIS par semaine et perdre 50 kilos mais vous reprendriez tout dès le moindre écart si vous ne vous occupez pas de votre santé mentale d’abord !
« Commencez par vous aimer, car c’est la partie la plus dure du voyage ». Le jour où vous avez un déclic et vous décidez réellement de vous mettre au sport et au « régime », il existe un nombre incalculable de professionnels du sport pour vous y aider. En revanche, vous êtes le seul maître de la vision que vous avez de vous-même. Alors, apprenez à vous aimer pour ce que vous êtes et non ce à quoi vous ressemblez et là - et seulement là -, vous pourrez éventuellement vous attaquer aux petites imperfections physiques que VOUS jugez disgracieuses.
Elle appelle cela le "régime mental" qui, à l'inverse d'un "régime alimentaire", n'aura ni début ni fin. Ce sera un changement durable dans votre vie qui vous permettra de, si vous le souhaitez, perdre du poids de manière pérenne également.


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• So often we say we are going to start our diet after {fill in excuse here} .. that’s NOT how it works. That’s diet mentality. Diets have start & end dates, lifestyle changes do not. ? . Our lives aren’t going to settle down after that event. More parties will come up, dinner invites will come up, we will continue to be the same social person. ? . We need to learn to navigate these events to fit our health goals. Yes, it’ll take some extra planning and people will probably ask questions, but eventually they realize it is our actual lifestyle and not some fad. ? . There will NEVER be a perfect moment to start, so you might as well start TODAY! ? . How do you stay on track & stay social? ???? ——- Coaching: CLOSES ON SATURDAY!!! If you want to join me and my amazing team, message me. Learn how to diet and exercise the healthy, sustainable way!!! ?

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• I TRULY believe that I would NOT be where I’m at today without the help of My Coach! ? . When I hired him - I felt like I had tried every diet program out there and I could never seem to find “The One” that worked for me. But this guy was determined to put my health first and told me it wasn’t going to be a quick weight loss. ? . So I gave it my ALL! I knew I was in it for the long haul. I returned month after month for 2+ years with him! Good, bad & ugly I showed up! I faced reality & I recommitted time and time again! ? . After almost 30 months of working with him, I decided it was time to do it on my own! And I’ve been VERY successful, living a balanced lifestyle while still losing! ? . So YES, I think coaches are the shit. YES, I think I’d still be overweight and struggling if it wasn’t for him. YES, I encourage all of you to invest in yourself FOR THE LONG TERM!. ? . Obviously I am pretty biased and think my programs are DOPE & you should totally join us, but I also encourage you to check out my client Testimonials & Transformations on my Bio because those pictures speak for themselves!! ? . . If you’ve been thinking about joining us :: I have 5 days until my program is CLOSED down!!! Send me a DM with your email and I will get you some extra info! ??

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• Create a Successful Environment for Yourself! ?? . When I first was getting started with this whole fitness journey, I wasn’t surrounded by people who went to the gym often. I didn’t have anyone to workout with..I mean no one is too excited for 3am workouts like I am, LOL!. . But just because I didn’t have the ideal support system, doesn’t mean I let that hold me back. Instead I created my own environment :: this InstaGram account! . I chose to only follow people who inspired me. People who were living a balanced lifestyle while still hitting their fitness goals. I followed competitors, I followed large weight loss accounts, I followed motivational quote pages & most importantly I followed women who supported ME! I looked for accounts to keep me inspired, give me more ideas & keep me excited!. . You don’t need to have a giant support system to get started, but you do need support! Create an environment that inspires you daily! ? #TransformationTuesday . . What are some of your favorite/inspirational accounts? ???? Show some love to those who have helped you on your journey & help us discover NEW accounts! ??

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