Des mamans partagent des photos de leur ventre après accouchement

Laura Puset 25 juin 2018 Bien-être

Le ventre d’une femme a une capacité quasi inépuisable de s’étirer pour laisser de la place à son bébé. Un phénomène particulièrement spectaculaire quand il s’agit de tout petit bout de femme, mais pas que. Ce miracle naturel se produit chez toutes les futures mamans, qu’elles soient grandes ou petites, rondelettes ou très fines. Et c’est sous le hashtag #takebackpostpartum sur Instagram, qu’aujourd’hui des milliers de femmes affichent leur ventre d’après-grossesse. Un ventre encore étiré, souvent plein de vergetures et de peau légèrement distendue mais BEAU. Ce mouvement tente de rappeler à quel point ce "ventre-là" ne doit pas être caché ni méprisé par ses propriétaires ni leur entourage.

Il n’est autre que le symbole de la vie et ses jeunes mamans comptent bien le faire entendre haut et fort !


Les Éclaireuses



I have seriously tried to post this picture maybe 4 or 5 times? Every time I close out of Instagram, feeling sick to my stomach. This is my postpartum body. Being plus size, I was already insecure about my stomach. I was already overweight and wasn’t where I wanted to be health wise. Then, I got pregnant. And I knew I was only going to get bigger. I struggled with my pregnant body but soon accepted it and truly began to love it. Around 34 weeks, I felt my skin stretching and getting itchy. I couldn’t imagine my stomach growing much more. But it did. 5 months after the birth of my baby girl, this is what I’m left with. Extra flab. Twisting and winding stretch marks. Love handles. A droopy belly button. And a handful of insecurity. I’ve started dieting and (hopefully soon- motivation where you at?) exercising. I took this picture to be my “before” shot. But as I stared at it more in disgust, the more I found myself shutting the inner me up. I grew a human being inside of this body! I nourished her and kept her safe. I changed my entire diet and gave myself shots for her. And this body continues to nourish her as we have been exclusively breastfeeding for 5 months now. I am beyond thankful for this belly of flub. I’m thankful for every stretch mark and every roll. My body is a bad ass. And no one can change that. • • #takebackpostpartum #mypostpartumjourney #mommyvlogger #momblogger

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Dear Postpartum Body, Thank you for your strength in delivery. Thank you for your stretchy skin allowing my belly to grow and make room for a baby. Thank you for sustaining another life while sustaining yourself. Thank you for always reminding me of all the incredible things you’ve done to get here, today. You have stretch marks, extra skin, and some squeezable places to love on. Your belly is a soft place for a little head to land on and your shoulders carry the weight of the world. Thank you, Postpartum Body. Never let me forget the wonder that created your existence. Love, A mama who sometimes forgets the greater picture. . . . #takecaremama #takebackpostpartum #postpartumbody #bodylove #selfcare #selflove

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I was recently so honored to be a featured image on a beautiful postpartum video by It felt amazing to be a plus size postpartum body that was featured. And yet, no longer to my surprise, I still received a comment about how the bigger woman needs to be honest with herself about how after gaining 35 pounds, it’s my own fault. . I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told something along these lines. They tell me I was fat before I got pregnant. They tell me that I shouldn’t refer to my body as a postpartum body because I don’t have baby weight, I’m just fat. They say I should be careful raising a child to think being fat is okay. The list goes on. But all of our bodies are so different. All of our life stories are so different. There will never be a time where you can simply glance at someone and know everything about their body and their life. So no— we don’t need to believe what they say. We don’t need to hide and feel ashamed because they tell us we should be. We don’t need to feel depressed if we gained more than 35 pounds during our pregnancy or if we struggle with our postpartum weight. We don’t need to feel judged by whether we workout or not. We can love ourselves hard in however we navigate through motherhood and are allowed to feel happiness and joy while we do it. . Because these judgmental opinions of us don’t matter. Our stories and our bodies are valued. So raise that chin up with me, mama, and own your postpartum body and your motherhood. We are beautiful. We are worthy. We are mothers. . Tee: @themomculture

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Once in a while you read words that are so powerful. None more so than these words by @thefortintrio? ? “I know how important it is to be kind to myself. I know the power in self love. I talk about it all the time. Yet here I am, struggling. Forgive me, I’m only human, and I struggle too sometimes to fully embrace and love the extra jiggles, forever with me stretch marks, and the skin that just seems to sag.”? ? Yes we can practice meditation, mindfulness, self-love, self-worthy and try to turn up our worthy-o-meter. But it is important to also learn to not be so hard on ourselves when we just simply can’t be vibrating at that frequency and know that it is ok to be human and not be perfect all the time.? ? What has your experience been like post partum?? #TakeBackPostPartum #IAmNotPerfectButIAmLimitedEdition #BodyLoveIsHardWork #CareToShare? ? Photo credit @thefortintrio

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One of the (many) hard parts of postpartum is adjusting to your postpartum body... Some women bounce back. Many women, like me, don’t. It doesn’t look like it used to. It’s flabby and a little heavier than it once was. There are stretch marks and scars from my two c-sections. But one thing is clear... These kids don’t care. They don’t see my body. They see their mom. My husband doesn’t see my flaws - he sees reminders that my body gave him two beautiful children. Reminders of how much I (happily) sacrificed to build our family. This is may not be a model’s body... But it is a mother’s body. A body capable of growing, nurturing, and bringing forth life. And I’m proud of it. ?? #selflove #fourthtrimester #postpartumbody #postpartum #mombod #takebackpostpartum #birthwithoutfear #bodyafterbaby #bodyimage #mypostpartumjourney #reallife #reallove

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